Hi there!

We are Brian Welker and Kaitlin Sells of Gestalt Imagery. We're artists based in Statesboro, Georgia, but travelers through and through.

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Prior to Gestalt Imagery, I had found success in my own path as an artist, but in 2014 I decided it was time to expand my passion into something bigger. My goal was to build the business by quite literally encompassing the true definition of the word Gestalt: collaborating on many ideas and projects that have led to remarkable outcomes when impressive people come together to create art.

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I'm a newer addition to Gestalt's sum of parts, jumping into my first real-world job after graduating from Georgia Southern University in May 2021.


While I did earn my degree in psychology, I have always had a passion for photography. Throughout my time at school I was an athletic, camp, and studio photographer- now I'm just ready to take on whatever adventure is presented to me next.


To us, photography is life. And life… is vibrance. And contrasts. Life is feeling the color. Life is seeing deeper. Life is looking longer. Life is travel. Life is learning. Life is grasping the big picture, but life is knowing that what ultimately matters is how you handle the details.


We are in every image we make. As you view it, so are you. We will not explain the meanings hidden in the depths of the images, as we do not presume to rob you of your own joy of discovery. Just like life: it is your own. It is what you make it. We don’t want you to see what we see. We want you to feel what we feel. Life is photography